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I enjoy Fiona's 'free' approach, allowing time for more of your own movement - Harriet M    My practice was way too Ashtanga, but since going to your classes, my body is moving much more fluidly - Ren P     Thank you for creating a really friendly environment- perfect for learning and having fun - Emma J     The asana practice was lovely as always and I really enjoyed learning about fascia and the importance in our body - Helen K     Your workshop was enlightening - Yoko S     My thanks and appreciation for enlightening me to the joys of yoga. I love yoga with you - it puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day - Lisa B    Thank you for a lovely workshop yesterday. What I liked most about it was its balance between learning and doing; it was interesting learning about the fascia and its importance and the practice as always was glorious . The pace of the afternoon was just perfect, it was easy to be engaged for the two and half hours - Jan W


My first ever experience of yoga was going to a few classes with my Mum when I was about 18.  My lasting memory is a positive one, but in truth I wasn’t ready to embrace all that yoga has to offer.

In 2007 circumstances catapulted me into India and total immersion into everything yoga. India is a Mecca for teachers from all over the world and I was lucky enough to study with Emil Wendel and the late Sue Pendlebury.  My love affair with yoga and with India was well and truly underway.

Since then I have returned to India many times and continued to study, most recently completing my 500 hour with Julie Martin and Emil Wendel. In addition, I have also studied with Rachel Hull, Jodi Boone and Jeff Phenix. I am eternally grateful to all my teachers, each of whom have inspired me to find my own true voice and to teach the way I do.

As well as teaching yoga, I continue to lead and run workshops, trainings and development programmes on communication skills, facilitation and leadership in the corporate sector. Being passionate about all the things that yoga encompasses, I usually manage to weave in aspects yoga into everything I do.

Walking in nature with my partner Alec and our two dogs (Jack and Larry) always grounds me back to Mother Earth. Cooking and particularly baking are like therapy for me – I can relieve stress and get back into heart-centred love by having a good bake-a-thon!

“Yoga is what happens on and off the mat.”